Click the picture for the description Bushidô, the way of the warrior, involved the regulation of the Samuraiís values. Three religions formed the basis of Samurai beliefs: Shintoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Shintoism is a form of pantheism: there are gods everywhere, close to us, including the spirits of our ancestors. For Shintoism, the emperor is the high priest, whereas Confucianism is a practical, political and moral philosophy concerning society, its structures and relationships. These religionsí views on respecting oneís ancestors and the wishes of one's father form the cornerstones of bushidô. The indirect fatalism of Buddhism, bowing to the inevitable, stoicism and the Law of Karma, i.e. that life continues after death in one form or another, helped the Samurai face death with equanimity.
7-1. Symbolism


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